Monday, 15 August 2016

Lost Light

I lit this image by walking through the composition with a torch that was shielded from the camera’s lens. During the 8 minute exposure, light gradually accumulated on the surface but I, because I kept moving, remain invisible.

In making this piece I was aware that I was drawing with light – just as later, when areas of visible torchlight were removed in post-production, I was drawing with darkness. This methodology links directly to my process of working with traces and landscapes of absence.

This location and lighting technique will form the foundation of the image I intend to use in my final show. Central to the concept of the installation is the fact that light (from the projector) is being used to present darkness.

With reference to the camera obscura the space in which the projection will take place is to be blacked out and the light from the projector will enter from outside via an aperture cut into the wall.